Friday, July 9, 2010

Loyalty pays!

You've heard me preach before about how instant gratification {and our insatiable quest for it} ruins our budgets time and time again. If something is that important to us, it is worth working for. If it's not worth working for obviously it wasn't that important to you in the first place. So waiting to make a purchase also forces you to really analyze whether or not you need that item. That's how it's been for me over the last 10 years with my cell phone. You also read all about my complaints about this very item in THIS POST. I know, reading 2 of these is time consuming but if you are not familiar with the cell phone post please read it first. It fully explained why I have kept this phone for so long. Now I am going to explain why I am getting a new one today. That's right. Write this day down, make a scrapbook page commemorating it, I am going to have texting capabilities! And it is all thanks to 2 people down at the Telus store. Justin and Amy were just fabulous. I walked in with my regular chip on my shoulder. My "Don't laugh or I won't buy anything" attitude. I just thought there was no way I could get a better package because of that all holy "billed by the second" thing. Well people, it's not easy to admit when you are wrong but sometimes it's necessary. I was wrong. Amy started out by showing me some phones that would suit my needs and how I could get them for free or at a discount and explaining the different packages. Justin was doing his thing on the computer and asked if he could interrupt us. Will it save me money? LOL But of course, interrupt! He suggested that since I had been with them for so long {the longest off contract he had seen} that I should give the Loyalty and Retention section a call to see if they could put together a better package for me. Wow. I've never actually had a salesperson tell me how to spend less money before. They sent me on my way and I hopped on the phone. It took a few hours of back and forth between Telus and Amy at the store because I kept bothering her to ask questions but eventually I was offered an amazing package just to sign another contract. So my other post still stands...don't rush to sign things just to satisfy that instant gratification. But when you are in a position to gain by signing, think it over, talk it over with the Hubs and weigh the pros and cons. The pros in this case far outweigh the cons of signing and losing my by-the-second billing. 200 anytime minutes, evenings and weekends free, unlimited texting, caller ID, voice mail and 75 free long distance minutes every month for only $25+tax. I can certainly handle that...since my regular monthly bill to date has been $30 and up depending on my usage.

So I wanted to give HUGE props to Justin and Amy with Telus. You guys ROCK! Thank-you for making my "new phone" experience a GREAT ONE! Even though there are fabulous new gadgets released all the time, it was so worth it to delay replacing my phone. I feel like I got an excellent deal and that I worked for it. Which makes it that much sweeter!

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Jerri-Lea said...

Great job!! My little potato chip follow up scored me $18 in free chip products!!