Friday, July 2, 2010

Mum, we're BOOOOOORED!

This Frugal Friday post is brought to you by the makers of Advil. Do you have a headache from your summer vacationers yet? LOL

Free summer fun! You know it's out there, you just have to go jump on it!

* Garage saling. Not free if you buy something but the kids will love the hunt. I give my kids each a toonie and they can buy whatever they want. Good family fun. And if you happen across something you have been looking for you can just add it to your frugal finds!

*Grab your public library schedule. Puppet shows, reading incentive programs, prizes, parties, etc. They all have summer programming and we can't wait!

*The Leisure Guide. Our local guide has all the free days for different attractions in the city. Mark them on your calendar and take advantage! Now to truly enjoy this, you have to make a day of it and plan ahead. Don't try to "quickly" zip over to the zoo on free family day, it won't be fun. Go early, pack a picnic, bring some little activities for the kids for potential line ups. It's worth it.

*The mall can have free things too! Ask at the info desk about special appearances of all your fave characters. Dora and Diego were the last ones we saw. Again, planning ahead and going early is a MUST. My girlfriend and I hauled our kids (all 7 of them) out at 8am for a 10:30am appearance. We packed a huge picnic breakfast for our crew and they coloured. A few people ended up ahead of us due to some VIP online contest thing {which we hadn't heard about} but we got in, snapped a few photos and were out in no time. The kids loved it!

*Speaking of online stuff...take advantage of websites! Google what to do in your area. Lots of community associations have fun day in the park.

*Speaking of parks...USE ONE! And not just the one close to your house. It is such an adventure to head out to a new playground/paddling pool/spray park. Go armed with your bug spray, sunscreen, snacks and water to make the day hassle free.

*Amp up your own backyard fun. Your computer isn't just for Facebook. Google recipes for different play dough {edible, yum!}, do a little pudding painting {on yourselves!}, do a scavenger hunt {complete ones are downloadable} or make some hats out of old flyers. It doesn't matter what you do...interacting with your children is priceless.

*Nature walk anyone? Check around for your local conservation area. Hike some trails, spot some birds, take some photos.

*Love history? Every city has some kind of historical society interested in passing on the stories of yesteryear. Some have an entire centre dedicated to it. Check it out! Take a walking tour and learn about the history of your very own hometown. You may learn things you never knew before.

*Stores can have free things too. During the summer, bookstores hold free readings for kids. Get a hold of their summer schedule!

*Got a science geek on your hands? I do! Get on that Google again...set up a science lab right at your kitchen table. Some food colouring, vinegar and baking soda will keep your little Einstein busy for hours. Great rainy day activity.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg! If you are in the Saskatoon area, check out the SaskMom website. They are AMAZING!!! Not everything they promote it free but there is such a wealth of info on that site. So much summer fun awaits and it doesn't have to break your budget. Plan for those special events that have a price tag...but just know that it doesn't have to be every day. "Mum, we're BOOOORED" shouldn't make your wallet cringe! Have a great one!


Jerri-Lea said...

Great list! We should compare calendars some day and see if we have anything to add. We also check out the site.

Cheerific said...

Thanks for the ideas! Keeping my kids entertained over the summer break can be a challenge, especially since we've had so much rain in the past few weeks.