Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Green turns to Greener

Our beloved Roughriders have taken the Grey Cup!!! Now it's time to turn our thoughts to Christ's birth which for most means beating the crowds, accumulating debt and stressing about parties, outfits and travels. Let's try something different this year. Stay focused on the reason we celebrate. Let's try keeping things simple. Hot cider, homemade cookies and good friends and family. Wear last year's Christmas outfit (believe me, nobody will notice) and save yourself a few dollars. Take that money and sponsor a local family who can't afford a Christmas meal. Don't think about timing. Don't think "I'll donate in the New Year when it is more convenient for me." If we think like that, it'll never be convenient. Give now, whatever you can. Shovel the walk for an elderly neighbour. Bring some baking to a local care home. Giving means more than just money. Give of yourself. Let's make Christmas merry for everyone this year.

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Jacinta From Your Scrapbooking Class :P said...

I Think That Was My First Time Watching The ROugh Riderrs Playy And IT Was AWSOME (Y) =]

Go Rough Riders Go

P.S. Hi Kate