Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm a GREEN Girl!!!


In the 2007 Grey Cup! And while they do, we'll be scarfing down mini calzones (both regular pizza AND 4 cheese spinach for the more refined palette), hot wings, chips and dip, hot cheese dip with homemade bread, garlic toast, shrimp and fudge. So here is a little known fact about me...I love Football. I'm not a die hard during the regular season, I just keep up. But if my team makes it to the CUP?!!? Break out the Green Paint, get something in the deep fryer and crank up the volume 'cause there's going to be a PARTY!!!

A few interesting tidbits on tomorrow's game:

It is Canada's largest annual sports and television event, regularly drawing a Canadian viewing audience of about 4 million.

In 1909, the Grey Cup was donated by the then Governor General of Canada, Earl Grey, to recognize the top amateur rugby football team in Canada.Over time, the Grey Cup became the property of the Canadian Football League as it evolved into a professional football league.

The Grey Cup has been broken several times. The trophy was broken in 1978 when Tom Wilkinson and Danny Kepley dropped it, and in 1987 when a celebrating Edmonton Eskimos player sat on it. It was again broken in 1993 when it was head-butted by Edmonton's Blake Dermott. During the victory celebration immediately following the 94th Grey Cup game in 2006, the winning BC Lions accidentally broke the cup from its base, which contains the engraved names of the players on each years' winning team. It was repaired the following Monday.[3] Other notable events include a 1947 fire which almost destroyed the trophy and a 1969 theft in which the trophy was held for ransom.

Saskatchewan has only won the cup twice THIS IS OUR YEAR FOR #3!~ Saskatchewan defeated the Ottawa Rough Riders 29 to 14 in 1966. The game was played in Vancouver.
The 1989 game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is widely believed to have been the best Grey Cup game of recent times. Saskatchewan won the game by a score of 43 to 40, capped by a game-winning field goal by Dave Ridgway.

Yeah, so I'm a geek and I love trivia...and no, I haven't gone crazy with my taste in music. DJ Khaled's "We Takin' Over" is the Roughrider's song!!!


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