Sunday, November 11, 2007

Say a prayer for all

who fought, died, are fighting, are dying. Say a prayer for those who fight overseas in our military and for our law enforcement who fight to keep our streets safe at home. Say a prayer for the spouses who hold down the fort, raise children, carry on with life a little lonely at times... Kelly, Ruth, Brianna, Erin, Viola, Charlene to name only a very small intimate few. Say a prayer for your family members who fought to give us freedom. No matter who you are, you will have a tie to war somewhere. My husband's grandfather was in World War II. He returned home only to die from cancer. There is no fairness, no reason. Thank a veteran today for their sacrifice. Not only in body, but in mind, spirit and soul.
War is not only a memory...
We face it today.

And not only are we perishing overseas. But here at home as well.
Today is dedicated to those who sacrifice. Please remember.

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Lori said...

Great message for all to read!!! Thanks!!!