Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What if it was too late?

Imagine sitting down in your warm, cozy home to a lovely dinner with the family. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa are over...not for any particular reason. Just to enjoy some special time. Mom has taken a delicious looking casserole out of the oven and Dad makes a joke about undoing his belt. The kids are showing Grandma their latest art project from school. Just as supper is being served, a dozen heavily armed men break down your front door and order you from your home. Take nothing. It's not yours anymore. You have no home. No possessions. You are separated from the rest of the family. You have no identity. No freedom of expression. No rights. They are all gone.

This is not fiction. This happened to many, many people. And because of over 40,000 Canadian lives laid down for us (and another 50,000+ injuries), we have an identity. We have freedom of expression. We have rights. They are a reality. So don't give me excuses about not having time, not knowing enough about it or not caring "because my one vote doesn't matter." It does matter. Because if your right to vote was taken away in a heartbeat, wouldn't that matter?



Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

I voted! and on Nov. 11th I'll remember the sacrifices made by many to secure my right to vote and the many other freedoms I enjoy.

Kelly said...

I voted too!
Yay Me!!!