Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am on my own this week as DH is away for work. So me and my darling little sons are whooping it up! It's only day one and we hit Auntie's house, the gym and the video store. Are we wild or what?!? Big plans for the rest of the week with more gym, playdates, movies and of course scrapbooking! I have several almost finished projects on my desk right now that are just to die for. I have been very happy with most of my work there just has to be MORE of it! LOL I am also LOVING the photos that Sheryl took at DS2's first birthday the other day. It's a weird one, but here is one of my faves. I had HUGE sparklers for the older kids to run around with but they were not fun to light. Everyone was anxiously awaiting their turn. And just because it is ADORABLE, I thought I'd show the totally cute cupcakes that my cousin brought the kids when she was in town last week. That is one thing about small towns. The bakeries are so FAB! So a big shout out to the Tisdale Bakery. You ROCK!


Saucy said...

Hey! I've actually heard about Tisdale bakery in Saskatoon, is it worth the drive???

Kate said...

My cousin RAVES about it. Next time I drive out there for a visit I'll bring a bunch of stuff back. Tasting at Leica's! LOL