Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Camp Croppin' win and I promise it won't be as long as an Oscar speech

Anyone have a few photos for me from Camp Croppin'? So many people to meet, projects to do, make n' takes to squeeze in I did not even touch my camera. And I call myself a scrapbooker! For shame. I know Lizette snapped a couple photos with two different cameras of my table of new scrap buddies Jody, Donna, Kelsy and Sarah. So whoever owned those cameras, shoot me an e-mail! Donna has a great on-line store based out of Fort McMurray, AB. Fab prices and she SHIPS! Check her out HERE for the latest and greatest in scrapbooking supplies!

At our table, Jody got a nod for one of her cards! She won a great product package. And Kelsy walked away with a HUGE door prize!!! It was a Xyron Personal Cutting System with ALL the cartridges and a carrying case! Shut the DOOR! That is a FAB prize.

Barb Riley (Saskatchewan) won "Best Journalling" with her AMAZING layout "Chicks Dig Scars". I was SO happy for her as I have seen the layout up close. The journalling was from the heart, all about her family's emotional battle with her husband's heart condition. He is well and back to his old activities which makes the win that much sweeter! Congratulations Barb!

Forgive me my scatterbrained tendencies but I don't know the names of the other winners. Maybe Leica can help me out with that??? There was a prize for "Best Photography" that last year's overall winner won. Beautiful photos of her two boys. Then there was the third runner up, second runner up and overall winner. Forgive the long post, but for me this is rather awkward to blog about. Initially, I thought I had a great shot at the Journalling prize, then when Barb won it I thought I was done. All the other prizes were announced and we were all cheering and having a great time. Then Katarina announced the overall prize winner. And it was me. Well shut the DOOR. Or HOLD THE PHONE (as Sue Sykes would say) Did I ever lose my mind. I bawled the entire way up to the front and the whole thing is one big blur. Photos were taken (Lord help me, I hope THOSE don't get published!) and I carried my prize back to my table. The box was so huge I couldn't carry anything else so Leica shoved the gift certificate down the front of my shirt! LOL So I got $500 worth of scrapbooking supplies all by American Crafts who I LOVE (Thickers...oh how I adore you), a weekend for two at the Bloomin' Inn one of the BEST scrapbook retreat centres in Canada and my winning layout will be published in the Fall edition of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine.
It's a dream I hope I don't wake up from anytime soon. So please, please, please help a scatterbrain out and if you have any photos to share, please do so! Photos of any of the winners, people having fun, shots of your table (or mine for that matter!), pics of classes, etc. Shout them out! Thank-you to all the sweet gals who had so many nice things to say. Can't wait to meet up with you all again soon!
***ETA PHOTOS*** Thanks for the photos Kelsy!!!
Sarah...the nice face. The photo before this one was HILARIOUS!

Donna and that WEIRD banana holder. At least I HOPE that's what it is...LOL

Our AWESOME table of scrappers! From left, Sarah, me, Leica, Jody, Donna and Kelsy.
Thanks again girls! xox
"My Oath as a Big Brother" will appear in the Fall 2009 edition of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!


Leica said...

you deserve it Kate! your scrapbooking has really taken on a new level and has become absolutely amazing! it was recognized by everyone there! I myself was so beyond tickled that you won, and that the decision was unanimous with everyone. I can't wait to see what more exciting stuff you design especially with your fun fun package. So word of advice, bloomin in is excellent when they hae all their Christmas trees up. every room gets a tree, stunning!

also, the 2nd runner up was Maureen Williams and photography was Allison Pike. They were exceptional as well!

see you sometime this week! happy scrappin!

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations Kate! What fabulous news...can't wait to see the layout once it is published. Enjoy your prize package!

kmp1515 said...

I had such a great time with you this weekend. You are not only an amazing scrapper but an amazing person. Your layout is beautiful and I am so happy I got to see the actual pages.

Kelly said...

I am beyond thrilled that you won! You deserve every single accolade you got!
You da bomb:)