Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Whole Day's Worth of VERY Cool no particular order

Cool Thing #1:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling younger son! He turned one yesterday and there was no blog post because I was too busy outdoing Martha. Check it out:

Seriously, the CUTEST cupcakes I've ever made. Poor Elmo had a couple mishaps but hey, it's nothing that couldn't be hidden with mounds and mounds of buttercream icing!

Cool Thing #2:
Allison Orthner visited my blog. I know, shut up right? It happened. And she left a comment to prove it. That makes me really happy! Click on her name to view her blog, she has some great pictures of Camp Croppin' on there! Best weekend of my scrapbooking career (so far!)
Cool Thing #3:
Leica Forrest has very cool friends. No, I am not talking about myself here. But you are all very funny for thinking so. :0P She has some FAB pals and I like to visit their blogs. There is one gal I have been hearing a lot about for a while. Saucy is SO COOL. She bakes. She is THE Martha. She digs Pioneer Woman. All in all, she sounds like a good egg. I stalk her blog weekly and dream of meeting her one day. Are you with me? I already think she's way beyond cool. And then she goes and pulls something like this:
win a trip to see the jonas brothers with saucy and loopy!
To celebrate my third blogiversary AND my 600th post, Loopy and I have decided to have some awesome fun and share our good fortune at the upcoming Jonas Brothers concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on July 2nd!
Ok, are you freakin' kidding me with that??? That has to be the best blog post I've ever read. My niece would lose her mind. She already asked me if I would take her...notice how she didn't ask her Mama who is 9 months pregnant and not into concerts that much anyway! LOL I've been to over 30 concerts in my life and those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. My sis came up with 3. So Auntie it is. So my little Poopsie who is 8 asked me to take her to see the Jonas Bros in Edmonton. I talked it over with her Mama and the general attitude was that it was maybe a touch expensive for her first concert what with travel and everything. So drooping and disappointed, she sat in the back of the van with a looooong face. But if I won tickets from the amazing (and never to be topped) Saucy...maybe Mama would say yes??? Stay tuned people. AND check out Saucy's blog and leave her some love whether you are entering the contest or not. A serious RAK like that deserves some serious love. Now ante up.


snowflakes6 said...

I LOVE THAT ELMO CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jomama said...

Seriously those are the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen !!!!

Kelly said...

Kate - you outdid yourself on these super star cupcakes. They are WAY too cute. I may need to commission your buttercream icing for my shark cupcakes for the bday party for the girls. Miss you heaps my babe. Love ya
P.S. Isn't it neat to see a hit on your blog from Florida?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seriously spiffy cupcakes.
xoxo the fan

Saucy said...

You are a real pet for posting a link to our giveaway. Can you believe that someone actually commented "I'm not telling anyone about your awesome blog until after the contest, so I can have it all to myself"? Wow, the spirit of giving and sharing.... but you are very generous, we likey.

I really want to make some elmo or cookie monster cupcakes... maybe for my friend's children. "Random Act of Kindness Cupcakes"... it could be a new craze!

Kate said...

Oooh, yes! We could leave them secretly on the doorstep and run away giggling. LOL I love RAKs you get out of life what you put in!