Monday, April 20, 2009

Weird Randomness

So ever since I put the Feedjit on my blog it's my new favourite hobby to check out where people are viewing me from. There are some cool places like New Zealand, Germany, France, etc. I'm pretty sure the New Zealand one is DH cousin and the Germany one is an online friend but sometimes I like to imagine it's famous European scrapbookers. So sue me, I'm a dreamer. The Feedjit also tells you where they came from and how they left your blog. For instance, Arrived to Scrapdivalicious through, left via (which is Corinne Braun's blog, one of the links to the right). It's WAY cool. The part where the randomness comes in is when it says they arrived through google. At first I thought "Why would people be googling me?" Then I smartened up and realized they were googling other things and my blog just happened to come up. So now it's my new favourite hobby to see what they've googled. You can do that. And whoever set it up that way is a freakin' genius because it was killing me trying to figure out what they could possibly be googling until a little voice in my head said "Why don't you click it and see what happens." What led me to that is another Feedjit tells you which pages people have viewed and there was one specific page that kept coming up over and over again. My locally famous Pudgy Pie post. So I did a little more investigating (ie. I actually learned how to use Feedjit) and found that when people google "Pudgy Pie Recipe" my blog comes up on page 4. How cool is that? Ok, so it's cool in my world. I don't get out much.

The part where the weird comes in is the other stuff that has shown up through google. Namely someone from Istanbul googled "your babes" and my blog comes up amidst some "other" stuff that you can probably imagine without too much trouble. Innocent on my part...because of this post. And a G rated one is somebody googled "Phillipians 4:13 mug" and came across my blog because of the scripture in the title.

That is my rambling for the night...some of you may wonder "Hey Lady! Where are all the new scrapbook pages?" Do you think I have time to scrapbook? No. I sit at the computer thinking about the cool features on Feedjit. Sigh. It's just how my mind works. Okay, I'm kind of kidding. I actually scrapbook while thinking of Feedjit.


Kelly S. said...
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Kelly S. said...

Germany-Yup that's me ;)
I always read through bloglines but usually I,m too lazy to click over and leave a comment.

I use statcounter, and took the google search option off my blog when I realized that's where my random hits were coming from.

Hope you are well, Is it spring there yet?
(deleted my last comment bc it's early here and I wasn,t making sense! lol!)

Allison Orthner said...

Hey Kate! Was looking for an email address for you... was going to send you the photo I took of you at Camp Croppin'! You can see more on my blog and probably save it off of there if you'd like it :) Take care and God Bless... love your songs and scripture on your blog.

Sheryl said...

Hey Kate. Great LO. Yep I too spend way too much time on my feedjit reader. It's really neat how people can "stumble" across you.

Saucy said...

Dear Kate,

A link to my Jonas Brothers contest on your blog would ROCK! Extra entries for you.