Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine Fall Edition

I did NOT want the summer to breeze by too quickly because let's face it, we live in a part of the world that has a 3 month growing season and that is if we are really, really lucky. But I did want it to hurry just a teeny tiny little bit because I was really REALLY looking forward to this:
Page 66, in the Passport to Creativity section!

This is a feature in CS that I have loved since the very first one I read. I thought how amazing it was for those artists to have a whole 2 pages all to themselves to showcase their work and would I ever make it onto those pages? It was a dream. And now it's here! I was positively vibrating with excitement when I picked it up at my LSS yesterday.

Added to this honour was being included in Sue Sykes' breast cancer article.

This layout was a labour of love and some really big tears. I didn't even care that I had to use a photo from 50 pounds ago. And I got glass in my foot smashing the mirror. LOL It has no fancy, trendy product on it. It is just paint, glass and words. The words were the most important thing to me. So thank-you Sue for your heartfelt article and thank-you Canadian Scrapbooker for allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful piece of work.

Congratulations all around for some more local talent as my friend Sheryl was another artist featured in the Passport to Creativity section! Check her out at Sherylsplayz.
Photo by KMP Photography

The other artist was also a local girl! I haven't had the privilege of meeting Jamie yet but you can stalk her blog here.

A huge congratulations must go out to my sweet friend Lizette for getting one of these!For her layout featuring one of her handsome men. Way to go Lizette! I knew you could do it!

A shout out to some more prairie girls whose work graced the pages this issue were Amanda LePage from Vonda (Wow girl, this was your issue!), Glenda Tkalac of Moose Jaw and Karen Welch-Smith from Saskatoon. Congratulations! As well, I have to say hi to Kelsy Propp who isn't local but I met her at Camp Croppin' in 2009 and I always love seeing her work in print! As well as Lynne Mizera who I have never met but she is the mother of Donna Houston who owns Inspired Designs Scrapbook Boutique and I secretly stalk her work! LOL I loved the mosaic piece she did on page 73. So unique in both subject and execution.

Thank-you ladies for all the continued inspiration! I can't believe it but I am already looking forward to the winter edition. But please summer, don't take that as a sign to hurry away. I'm not done with you yet!


Jerri-Lea said...

Congrats on your article!!! Hope things are going well with back to school and fall now upon us!!

Lynne Mizera said...

Oh Kate! We are soooo meant to meet! - I was doing a search of my name under blogs becasue I have just created my first blog and can't find it (giggle) when I got a link to YOUR blog because you mentioned ME... and MY PAGE and (this part is tooo funny) talked about following my stuff (big blush) welllll - guess who follows you!!! MEEEEE...I LOVE everything you do and in this latest issue I have read and re-read your Passport to Creativity article at least six times now - and although we haven't met yet I feel like I already know you :o)... Thank you for the lovely words about me and my page and I am sending them right back to you! I will be at Lisa Forrest's event in November (flights already booked!) and I so Hope we will meet in person that weekend... and I am now going to add your blog to the ones that I follow! :o)