Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do you carry pictures of your kids?

I am a scrapbooker who is horribly guilty of not carrying updated photos of my kids. *blush* So lately I have been making more of an effort in this department and with the Hubs travelling for work so much I have been seeking out highly portable ways to do this. Men like things that fit in their pockets. Portable, light weight, easily accessible, to the point. So I saw this little magnetic notebook at Michael's and thought I could do something with it.
My son had already written in it but you get the idea. LOL So I tore out some of the pages, then glued a whole stack of the pages together to make 3 separate thick pages. Inked up all the edges because ink is so very forgiving on something like this, covered the outside with pattern paper, used gaffer tape on the edges, trimmed up the photos, added a few rub ons and voila. A pocket album for when my Hubs is gone for weeks at a time.
I held it all together with a matching blue rubber band because the gaffer tape prevented the magnet from doing it's job but after a while the book kind of flattens and settles and the rubber band is merely to keep the pages from falling out when the book has been looked at a gazillion times. This took no time at all and helps my love hold his loves close to his heart. xo