Friday, August 6, 2010

Waste not Want not-Frugal Friday

I have recently become cyber-friendly with a gal out of Alberta who has taken her family on a very interesting journey. Jessica from Nothing New Nothing Wasted has set her mind to the challenge of not buying anything new for one year. Yes, there are a few exceptions like toiletries, underwear, etc. But for the most part the challenge is really about being more thoughtful with your spending dollars and considering the impact that purchase has on the world. She has been featured on webites, national newspapers, radio interviews and local media and I highly recommend you surf her archives. It might make you more aware of where your money is going. And one thing Jessica and I totally have in common is I am a HUGE fan of I never make a purchase without hitting that site because you just never know what someone wants to get rid of. Have a fabulously frugal weekend! xo

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