Friday, July 13, 2007

All kinds of COOL stuff!

Ok, ok, so I'm a bad blogger. It's been sweltering hot here and I have to spend my days chasing my half naked son through the yard with the hose. It's the little things we should appreciate! So check this out if you want to tell the world you are blessed and if you want to bless someone in return by lending your support! I've ordered mine...where is yours?!?

P.S. I am working on sending out my RAKs as well. They weren't cool enough last week so I decided to wait until this week to send them out. I'll post a pic tomorrow of the RAK goodness!!!

1 comment:

Kelly S. said...

cute necklace.
I also checked out your pics, your son is adorable. In about 18 years we can introduce our kids!!