Monday, July 16, 2007

Off Line and Out of Control

In true RCMP form, we were told very last minute that our new floors are getting installed on Thursday. My hubby just called the flooring place, turns out they will be here in 2 hours. I have to unhook all the electronics and move them downstairs so the blog will be dead for a couple of days. But I get new floors! It's an okay trade off. Blessings and peace to all until Thursday.


Kelly said...

Better be done by Thursday as I plan to grace your home with my presence!!!!!!! (And the presence of my hubby and girls -ha!!)

scrappaleica said...

Kate, almost died when I came to your site, I love James Blunt music. Beautiful is my Favourite song, it is even my cell phone ring. one day I may have to put it on my site (when you switch to your next song maybe...)

scrappaleica said...

Kate please email me.
I have awesome news for you that I don't want to write on the blog.