Saturday, July 28, 2007

Please Remember...

You are loved. You are blessed. You are a child of God.

Tomorrow marks the 6th anniversary of the untimely and certainly unjust death of Jody Ferlaak's beloved daughter Teagan. Jody is an amazing inspiration to me as a Mother, a woman and a scrapbooker. I stumbled across her blog quite by accident one day earlier this year and read her heartbreaking story. Now I read her blog daily and am reminded each and every day of how precious my life is. The lives of my child and husband and how important our walk with the Lord is. Please remember how special small moments are. Like 25 kisses. And when your child is begging for your attention to look at their latest drawing and you sternly say "Out of my kitchen! Mummy is making supper!" It only takes a moment. A precious moment of connecting one heart to another. The chicken won't burn. Just kneel down and appreciate the little life you created. That 12 seconds will leave an imprint on their heart. {And it's so much easier than chasing them out of the kitchen for the next 45 minutes.} Appreciate. Love. Learn. Open your heart to the amazing things God has given you and has in store for you in the future. Scrapbooking is an outlet for Jody and she inspires us all as a Fashionista on the Scrap In Style TV website. Check her out. Your life will change. I guarantee it. We love you Jody and our prayers are with you this weekend.

"If happiness were tangible, I think you could have grabbed a handful of it in our place yesterday." ~Jody Ferlaak after her daughter Bella's 5th birthday party. Keep reaching for that Joy.


Kelly S. said...

so sweet of you to post this on your blog. I stumbled across her blog and she amazes me. She has the ability to remind people of the little things and how important each day is.

Kelly said...

Thanks for reminding us to pray for the Ferlaak family this weekend. SHe really is amazing and inspirational.