Friday, July 20, 2007

Doesn't EVERYone know Mr. Vuitton???

So we got our floors replaced this week. That's a good thing...the carpets were starting to emit an odor in this heat. Yup, gross. Now we have new lino in the kitchen and laminate throughout the rest of the upstairs. Not what I would have chosen but it's not our house and we didn't pay for it. But in the process, my house was a disaster. With a capital D. So to cut down on the amount of damage to my nice stuff, I piled it all up in the linen closet because in my world nobody needs to mess with a closet to replace flooring. Apparently I am not up on how to replace flooring because I came back to get my keys and the closet door was removed. And there was a bunch of gross tools piled in there. Right on top of my Louis Vuitton purse. Yes, you read that correctly. I mean, come on...even ex-con, nose been broken 12 times, smokes like a chimney, guy named Biff knows a brand name like Louis Vuitton, RIGHT??? Um, No. Now this is the part where the angel on my shoulder insists I reveal that the handbag in question is a knock off from Thailand but let's face it folks, if it looks like Vuitton, smells like Vuitton and walks like can totally pass it off as Vuitton. And it's as close as I'm ever going to get to the $1200 original. So in my world, that is my Luis Vuitton purse. And they put tools on it. That is my rant for the day. I have new floors and Louis seems to be none the worse for wear. I'll never leave him alone again.


Kelly S. said...

so glad LOUIS wasn't hurt!
My knock off on the other hand took a beating on the plane ride here, they ripped my handles!(my sis got me the carry on in Rome) but after 15 hours of travel I didn't claim it.silly me, i should have never let those baggage handlers touch it,(or maybe I shouldnt have packed it with 40 pounds worth of stuff!)
So I still have it , maybe I can take a glue gun to it!

Kelly said...

Mine is safe - ha!!!

TRACEY said...

your post just totally cracked me up. Good grief doesent the buttcrack revealing handy man know who louis is.