Saturday, February 6, 2010

The I {heart} Google post

I looove to learn. And I always say that I am losing my brains little by little for every year I stay at home with my kids. My smart is oozing out my left ear. No really, it is. LOL So if there is something that I don't know about, I hit Google ASAP. If you ask me a question and I don't answer right away, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will hear my computer keys clicking away not a second later. I am a Google girl and I'm not ashamed to admit it. So I was going over my blog today {I have some major changes I want to make--when? I have no idea} and saw the comment on the last post. So cool! I think languages are beautiful. So what did I do? You bet. Google Translator. I of course immediately thought it would be some kind of spam commercial thing like "Buy our hair transplant cream that will make you younger!" but it wasn't and it kind of brightened my evening a bit even though the quote is meant to be derogatory. This is what the comment said:

Kaohsiung said:
Love is blind, but marriage to restore its sight

Now this can definitely be taken two ways. LOL But I prefer to interpret this statement as a positive. That when we are young in our relationship we are inexperienced and blind to what love has to offer. After we get married, our eyes are open to the endless possibilities and grand adventures that await us in this relationship.

Like I said...I prefer to see the positive in things but there were some things on the "before and after marriage" website that were pretty hilarious. Ever heard of a divorce cake?


Saucy said...

Ever heard of a divorce shower? I threw one for a friend a long time ago, replete with a corsage for her (dead flowers), we showered her with gifts JUST FOR HER, things to make her feel pampered and happy (chocolate, bottles of wine, new undies and pj's) and then... shame on me... a male stripper. It was a little silly, but the best part was the divorce cake I made... three tiers with a bride on the top but the groom plunged in head first with red gel frosting "blood" pouring from his body... ugh!

Jenn said...

LOL Saucy! And Kate - I am a Google Girl too - great minds think alike ;)

Johanna said...

that's a sweet interpretation.

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

SAUCY!!! LOL Male stripper?!?!? You rock it out girlfriend!