Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shut the DOOR! {Or should I say Hold the PHONE!!!}

Ok, that title was for the sole benefit of Sue Sykes because I know it will make her burst out laughing. Onward bloggers!

I got the BEST e-mail today from Megan Comin, organizer of Camp Croppin'. Remember Camp Croppin'? That huge, wonderful, amazing event {I believe the biggest of it's kind in Canada, correct me if I'm wrong} that is held in Calgary, AB every year? It's a fabulous fundraiser for the Alberta Children's Hospital, Therapeutic Scrapbooking Program and was founded in Alberta by the Picture Me Foundation. Along with Scrapbooker's Paradise {I may have done a spot of shopping last year but I dare you to find the receipts to prove it} they put on a rockin' good time, made even better by the fact that I won last year! Check out that story HERE. So this year on Facebook Megan had a contest going for the Top 5 Reasons Why You Love Camp Croppin'. I almost didn't enter and I never expected to win but I put it in anyway and...shut the door I won!

Here are my top 5 reasons I {heart} Camp Croppin'...
#5 - In my little scrap world there are no husbands allowed at Camp Croppin'. It is a rip snortin', money spendin', support lendin', girl talkin', designer stalkin', sale findin', supply buyin', calorie eatin', Starbucks consumin', product rakin', make n' takin', zero sleepin', whale of a good time!
#4 - At Camp Croppin' my name is Kate. No really, it is! And that excites me. I am not Mrs. Kading. I am not "the wife". Not even ma'am. Nobody calls me "Honey can you", "Baby can I have", "Sweetie did you get to" or "Mummy I'm hungry". That's how I am addressed at home BUT at Camp Croppin' my name tag just says Kate. And can you believe it...people actually call me that. Yee Haw!
#3 - I am a real, live, intelligent person at Camp Croppin'! I am an artist, a colleague, a student, an admirer. I have thoughts and ideas that are listened to uninterrupted! I don't have the theme song to Treehouse shows in my head, my shirt is almost always clean {unless we've been eating cheesecake at midnight!} and I can put away the "used up Mummy" persona that sometimes takes over at home. I am not woken up in the middle of the night, called to the principal's office, late for a dentist appointment, stuck in a line at the bank or fighting my way through WalMart with a one year old on my hip and a 5 year old attached to my leg.
#2 - Nobody at Camp Croppin' has ever peed, pooped or puked on me. Ever. It is a blissful escape from sticky fingers, spilled messes, dirty jeans {mine!}, runny noses and the general chaos and broken pieces that ensue when boys yell "Let's WRESTLE!" And I am pretty sure that it states somewhere in the fine print that my registration fee exempts me from having to clean up any of the above stated messes. Bless that fine print.
#1 - Um hel-LO...more than 24 hours of uninterrupted scrap time with some of the BEST in the industry! Camp Croppin' FOSTERS my BASIC obsession to stalk my HEROS of the scrapbooking world. To admire some "BUNNY" else's FANCY work. And that's HOT.
So those are my TOP 5 reasons why I love Camp Croppin'. There are about 103 more...but I have diapers to wash. See you on April 16th!

Just so you don't think I'm totally out there...I should explain the #1 reason was a play on words for the FAB sponsors this year. Karen Foster, Basic Grey, Hero Arts, Bo Bunny, Fancy Pants and Hot Off The Press. And as always I would never leave you link-less so just click on any of the names in this post to shoot over to check them out!

ETA: I guess I was too excited while typing this up because the very first comment was "What did you win?" LOL Sorry! I win a gift card to spend at Scrapbooker's Paradise, a newsflash on the Camp Croppin' website, I get to read my reasons for everyone on the opening night of Camp Croppin', they will be posted on the Scrapbooker's Paradise blog and of course awesome bragging rights! It's a really fun event...sign up!!! April 16th and 17th.


mlafayette said...

I loved reading your post but now I am left wondering, "What did you win?"


Karen of the KAGS said...

Congrats Kate! And if the prize includes taking along a free guest - you know who to call!

Sue Sykes said...

Shut the door!! That did totally make me LOL! :) Congrats on the win!

Saucy said...

!!! Shut the door is right!!!

Leica Forrest said...

awesome and very very funny & witty my friend. wish I was joining you guys, alas I will be thinking of you as I work...
go Saskatchewan girls go!!!!!

Dawn Hueser said...

Great job Kate and congratulations!

KMP Photography said...

Well AWESOME!!!!!

Congrats, and enjoy the gift card. This was so entertaining to read.

Shut the door but don't slam it!! lol