Monday, February 15, 2010

Just plain old down home SPIRIT!

You've heard of my crazy friend Char. Who is only as crazy as me...we just have different passions. To view our most recent antics {and see some hideously old photos where our hair and colouring had people asking if we were sisters} click here, here, here and well, you get the idea. The archives under "antics" gives you a good idea of our craziness.

So anyway...Char's craziness lies in the realm of decorating. First off, the woman is a wonder at putting together a room. She is always up for pulling a "While you were out" on my hubs. Tee Hee. We have one planned for the upstairs bathrooms before he gets back at the end of the month. But she also decorates for seasons and holidays. Not just the usual Christmas stuff either. Valentines Day, Easter, Canada Day, Halloween....and now she DEFINES Olympic spirit. Check it out!

Back patio door...I love the chains in the Olympic colours!

She does amazing things with a crayola window marker!

Keeping track of our medals {That was my idea and only contribution to this.LOL}

Who thinks of this stuff? Char does.

And of course the "All olympics all the time" TV. Please note adorable Olympics mascots on top. Great touch Char.

Told you this was blog worthy. Now if she could just get her doorbell to play the "I am Canadian" anthem. Perfect touch, don't you think? Thanks for the spirit Char! Go Canada GO!!!

{Basement window of course!}

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Kelly S. said...

Very Coll decor!

happy belated!!!! and if you are ever in germany, you are more than welcome to come and stay, my bottom floor used to be an apartment, so we have plenty of space!
happy Monday!!