Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lack of time...not creativity

Ok, I have not put glue to paper since the 11th. The Hubs left town that day and won't be back until Sunday so I truly apologize for the serious lack of creative inspiration here. I have no photos of projects because there are no projects to speak of. Stay tuned...I am going to rock it out next week.

A new cyber friend of mine has passed along this little blog award {sweet Johanna from Birds On A Wire} and I have never participated in one before so here goes. I am to tell you 7 little known facts about me. {And then of course pass it along to 7 of my peeps.} Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

1. I moved out when I was 17. And that summer I had 4 jobs and no car. Not even enough money for bus fare. But I had my own place, my own bills and my own mind. It was the most freeing summer of my life.

2. I have a really, REALLY long bucket list. It ranges from things in the scrapbooking world like working for an amazing company some day or getting on the design team of my dreams, to personal things like learning self defense, skydiving and extensive travel. There are categories to my bucket list. Books to read, places to see, things to do. I add to it every day.

3. I own a motorcycle. It's old but I love it. My Daddy gave it to me for my 30th birthday and I have {so far} been forbidden to ride it by the Hubs and the Daddy. Due solely to the fact that since said birthday I have either been nursing or pregnant. Well not this summer!!! I'll be taking to the streets and getting my motorcycle license. {That's on my bucket list too}

4. In the realm of "Boy meets girl" in our relationship...I asked my Hubs out first. We had mutal friends for several years before we ever met. Either he was away at college or I was away on overseas missions...we just never crossed paths. Until November of 1997 {Thanks for turning 19 Char}. And I asked him out to my staff Christmas party the next week. {Where my boss found out it was our first date and grabbed his a$$ on the dance floor.} The rest is history. And it's a really good thing the Hubs can take a joke.

5. I have had some really cool jobs in my life. Maybe not conventional cool but super cool in my books. I was the drive-thru Queen of Burger King on 8th Street as a teenager. I worked at Marquis Downs {I would always take a break to watch the 6th race with my Grandpa Otto and he would buy me a cheeseburger} I am trained in Radio and Television Broadcasting and worked at several radio stations in SK and MB. I was a DJ for a local company and the very sweet owner wanted to be extra safe with her only female employee so my nametag said "DJ Diva". I kept the name tag and it will be scrapbooked someday. But I think the job that floors people the most was Mitchell's Gourmet Foods. Yup, I worked in a meat packing plant. I did the hiring, orientation and tours. I knew my way around Pork cut, could prevent people from passing out on the kill floor and knew who would make it on the bacon line and who was just not cut out for stuffing weiners. I loved that job. My last few years there I was an Administrative Assistant for the best bosses a girl could have. When my feet got too fat during my first pregnancy to wear my office shoes they halted my tours and let me wear sandals around my office. The fact that they would line up and waddle behind me as I delivered the mail did not affect their likeability. I still loved them.

6. I have moved approximately 25 times in my life. So far. But have lived in only 2 provinces. SK and MB. My future holds many more and I will embrace each new adventure as it comes!

7. I am on a serious weight loss journey that is very difficult at times. But I do not find it difficult liking healthy foods. Tofu is one of my favourite meals. Now, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good sloppy poutine every now and again. But I really like ancient grain bread {especially toasted}, tea, homemade soups and all the other wholesome earthy foods we are meant to eat. My Hubs calls me a crunchy granola tree hugger. Maybe it's because we use cloth diapers. Or the first home improvement we made was a clothesline. Or maybe it's the chemical free crusade? saves him money so he can tease me all he likes. I know he likes it.

8. I rarely follow the rules.

So now I am supposed to pass this along to 7 people. Well...I dance to the beat of my own drum {see #8} so I won't put anyone on the spot. You already know who my best peeps are {see right hand sidebar under Inspirational Chicks} and they deserve a little blog award every day so I will leave it at that. But if you feel like participating please leave a comment here with a link so others can check you out!

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Julie Cortens said...

Ha ha okay I am in!
You like tofu????
I would have never guessed.