Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5 Blissful Minutes of Blogging

Hey everyone...well the power is back on (it was out ALL day!) but my computer is completely thrashed, cooked, done in, wasted. Pick a word, any word, it is DEAD. A wonderful friend and neighbour of mine graciously allowed me to have her laptop overnight just so I could pay the bills and I'm sneaking in a little blogging and perhaps check in on everyone at Scrap In Style. Nothing much to report without the pictures to go Keli mentioned I've been scrapping up a storm and I'm almost done my niece's first year calendar. I only have 3 more pages in that one and then I am on to my son's first year book. He's 2...I guess I'm catching up a bit. In between I've been doing challanges! Andy Warhol ain't got nothin' on me baby! I love how that one came out...and if I had a darn computer I could show you. No such luck. Just go to the SIS link above and check out the challenges message board to read all about it. That's all for now...Blogging just isn't the same without pictures and stuff. I'd like to say I'll be back on line soon but if I held my breath on that one I'd turn blue and die so check back weekly. That's probably all I can manage right now until we go South again in July. Unless I can convince hubby to order the great computer Keli got on Ebay. Wish me luck because I don't think I can survive up here without a computer for a whole month. I might as well be churning my own butter.

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Kelly said...

You can tell Aaron that I am actually writing this to you on my new computer ... so he shouuld get one too ... cause it freakin' rocks
Churning your own butter, huh?