Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quick Update on Emily!!!

What a trooper! Emily is doing well with all your prayers. Chris writes:

Monday night she was allowed to start eating real food. Yesterday morning she threw up twice and again a few hours after supper. It wasn't going anywhere. They had to access her central line last night to give her some fluids, which has made a difference today. She has perked up quite a bit. She had an abdominal X-Ray today to rule-out a bowel obstruction and that was good nothing they could see. She can eat again just at her own pace and her stomach just needs to to start working again (almost "wake up again") and it will be at her own pace. Having patience is hard, she wants to go home and of course so do we. Still nothing on the pathology report about her tumor.
She is perky and in good spirits. Hope to see everyone soon. We miss you all.

We miss you too Chris! Please continue to pray for Emily's recovery and specifically for her stomach to settle down and allow her to eat good foods! We are all thinking about you little one.

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Kelly said...

So happy to hear that Emily is doing well now. Progress because of prayer.
Praise God!