Friday, May 11, 2007

More Encouraging News!

What a little fighter, that Emily girl! I got 2 e-mails from Chris & Megan today so I thought I'd throw in a late night update here about Emily's wonderful day. It is so heart warming to hear she is creeping back slowly to her old self. Chris writes:

This morning she was asking to get up and go in a wheel chair so she could go see the baby chicks (that they hatched here this week in an incubator) and then go to the playroom. First the surgeon said her NG (naso-gastric) tube could come out then she felt much better. We got her into a wheelchair even though quite painful she really enjoyed it, and stayed up for three hours!! She watched Beauty and the Beast in her w/c. She had some more family today come and visit and she seemed to enjoy the company. I lifted her out in the evening to sit on Megan's lap for about 15 min then she wanted to stand and try walking. We stood her up and could not walk, but stood for twenty-thirty seconds. It does not seem like much but it is good progress.

I can't imagine not being able to hold my baby. Megan & Chris, you are an inspiration to us all. Stay strong through God's love. We are all praying. Speaking of praying...we have another prayer request. A little unconventional but I know God will understand. We're praying for some wind here people. Emily's wind. She needs to start passing gas or better yet have a BM before they will let her start eating and drinking. As Chris writes: "Never more so than now (and I enjoyed it before) have I wanted and would enjoy a good fart!! Daddy loves a good fart!!" So please pray for a good old fashioned fart and let's get Emily eating some Jello! Thank-you to all who are thinking about this little one.

There are a few others we need to remember in our prayers tonight as well. Friends of ours left due to a family emergency on Wednesday and I just heard this morning that their 2 year old niece passed away suddenly. Please pray for comfort and strength for the Dyck Family. Please pray for little Kaylee.

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Wiebe Family said...

I heard and have been praying for that family since yesterday(from another friend's blog). Very, very sad....