Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I normally don't post on Sunday but it's a special day...for Mother's everywhere and especially for Megan Thiele. Megan, we are all still praying for your little princess! Emily has made phenomenal progress over the last few days. Megan writes an update for yesterday:

"Emily was up in her wheelchair twice today. She painted & played air hockey with daddy and with Jenna. She was even wheeling her chair all by herself. She is only allowed a few sips of water and no food yet, hopefully some gas or bowel sounds tomorrow so she can start eating. We are also hoping they will take out her epidural and catheter tomorrow, she may be a bit more uncomfortable at first because the epidural has been keeping her from feeling her abdominal area. But having both out means a lot less tubes to watch out for when she is up and around in her wheelchair and she will be able to take some steps. Also we are hoping to be able to move into a private or at least a semi-private room tomorrow."

Chris also sends out a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers and paid special tribute to his wife:

"Most of all I want to shout to the world, how much I Love Megan and and how much I think she is such an awesome Mom!!! She is such an inspiration and our girls are so lucky to have her as a Mom. She has been strong and steadfast when she has needed to be for Emily and able to let go and be a scared and sad Mom when Emily was asleep or out of the room. It has been an honour to be her husband lately and to be able to be there for her too!"

Yeah, made me cry too. They are such an inspirational couple. Thank-you to all who continue to pray for Emily and let's remember how truly blessed we are. Please pray for the Dyck family again today. They have lost their little Kaylee but have to continue to be strong for their 3 month old son. Please pray for Brendan and Trisha as they struggle with this.

Thank-you from the very bottom of my heart for the support you all have given for these dear people. This is supposed to be a fun scrapbooking blog and this week I've asked a lot from you. You all gave such a tremendous amount. I am putting together a book for the Thiele Family of prayers and good wishes for Emily's recovery. If you wish to contribute your comments, prayers or favourite scripture just leave a comment here and I will include it. Thank-you again, so so much.

The above e-mails were from late last night...I just checked my e-mail before posting this and Chris writes:

Emily got her Epidural out today, is on clear fluids, Jello and accidentally tore out her last IV in the night and they said they would not need to start another peripheral IV but could now use her
Port-a-Cath if needed(right now has no IV fluids running). Now all she has left is her foley catheter (in her bladder)! We are in the play room and she is starting to walk bit by bit also!! She is looking great!!

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scrappaleica said...

Happy Mother's Day! so glad to hear Emily is doing better, what a wonderful mother's day for your friend. I don't think she could have been given a better present!!!