Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Praise God, He is great!

How could he not hear us with so many good people praying for our little Emily? I can't thank everyone enough...with all the other blogs involved, churches, people passing on the word, I wouldn't be surprised if we were far surpassing the "Thousands of people" praying for this little angel. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Emily's surgery went well and they removed the kidney and the tumor without incident. They had been concerned that it could rupture but thank the Lord everything went smoothly. She is in recovery now surrounded by her family. Thank-you Lord for keeping a safe watch on Emily. Thank-you for guiding her surgeon's hands. Their hands are your hands Lord. Thank-you for taking them through this long, difficult operation. We thank-you Lord for giving Chris and Megan peace and strength during this time. We praise you for your kindness and mercy. Envelope the Thiele Family with your love Lord and let them feel how many people are praying for them. We thank-you for your love and bringing us all together through your word.

Here are a few pictures of Emily on a family trip. Please pray that she will be back to these beautiful smiles in no time!

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