Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Update on Emily

Late Tuesday I received an update from Chris and Megan. Emily goes in for surgery today at 11:30am. So things are still scary but going as well as can be expected. The doctors say that Emily is a textbook case for this condition and seem optimistic. We still need a lot of prayer here. My friends always tease me about my Google addiction...and as soon as I heard more details of Emily's condition I of course jumped on the computer. To learn more about what is affecting this little girl check this out. And this. This is a lot more technical but informative as well. Chris and Megan send a very heartfelt thank-you to all who are praying and have these specific prayer requests:

1. clean and complete removal of the tumor

2. wisdom for the surgeons

3. for God to allow them to see any other indications of tumors/ cancer elsewhere, (if there is any more), while they are in there during the surgery.

4. We need prayer for Emily's understanding, keeping her calm and trusting in what Mom and Dad are telling her, keeping her pain under control, no complications

5. peace for us during her surgery.

Thank-you to everyone for your help. It is so deeply appreciated. If you wish to leave a comment of your support and good wishes, I will be forwarding them on to the Thiele Family.

Please God, bless and keep them.


scrappaleica said...

you are such an amazing friend to round up this support for this family. It is never easy, especially when children are involved. I do believe in the power of prayer as I have personally seen it succeed beyond the wildest expectations with my uncle and a friend who were both on their death beds. It is the best help anyone can give. Count me in! Also, glad you finally have a blog. I find it crazy that we have met in the ancient past and now all of us (jody, u and I) are scrapbooking. funny hey? We'll have to have a scrapbooking reunion sometime???

scrappaleica said...

oh, I'm adding you as a link my site too, thanks!!!!

DeAnne said...

Hi Kate! I have so many asking about updates on Emily. I've put out prayer requests before, but have never gotten as many responses as I've had for Emily and her family. I'll keep checking your blog for updates and will pass on the info.

Kelly said...

Kate, thanks for keeping the updates coming, Emily is in surgery right now and I just got all my DC kids to pray for her at lunch - soooo cute!

Wiebe Family said...

I did the same thing you did, looked it up on the internet and found the exact same sites that you did...