Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It Tastes Like Home To Me

I love the simple things in life. Sharing special recipes with friends and family is one of my not-so-well-known hobbies. I do eventually want to put together a scrapbooked tin of all the great recipes I've picked up along the way. One of my favs is Rollkuchen. It's a Mennonite recipe my friend Jelena introduced me to several years ago. The recipe I actually use is from my friend Keli. I was missing it so I made it today with my 2 year old son. What a mess but boy, is it delicious. Deep fried dough and a huge chunk of watermelon. What more could one need?


Pookiepie76 said...

Thanks girl...I'm so glad you found me. I am adding you to my laptop favs ;)

Kelly said...

Hey - I soooo wish I was there to taste the roll kuchen - would have been my first of the year!