Monday, May 7, 2007

Things Seem Trivial

I said I'd post the after pictures of my scrap room makeover today but after reading this it all seems so trivial. Unimportant. Silly. So let's all please take a moment to pray for the Coble family and their horrible loss. We may be strangers but we are friends through Christ. Keep them in your hearts and prayers. They are going to need it for a long time.

I hope everyone had a great weekend treasuring their families! I spent a good portion of it scrapbooking with my son. He's 2 and doesn't really get the concept yet but he loves to paint, draw and glue. That's quality time...when he's gluing himself to the table and using permanent marker on the carpet. I'll try not to ever complain about that again. Again, so trivial.

Here are the after pictures of my new space. It's amazing what some baskets will do. I imagine it will evolve again and again as I find new and interesting ways to store my supplies but for now this makes me happy.


Kelly said...

Love your "new" scrap room - looks so organized! I bet you will get sooo much stuff done in there!

DeAnne said...

Hey Kate! You totally inspired me to clean my crop room. Keli told me that you were in the process of getting organized. So thanks for the inspiration.

Laura said...

You so rock, Kate! I can't wait until you are back here in Toontown. We can so get into trouble together, girl. Love the scrap room makeover...want to come and do my sewing/scrap/put it in mom's room because we don't know where else to put it, and she probably won't realize it anyway, room? Trouble with organizing a room is the first time you can't find what you want, you tear things apart-yup. Then if you don't put it back together right away, it can be pretty nasty.

jody said...

Hi Kate,
I've been wondering how to get in touch with you and voila! It took me awhile to connect the dots through Leica's blog but totally cool to reconnect with someone from 'way back when'! How many years has it been anyways?
Let's keep in touch.

Kate said...

Too many years to count because I don't want to admit how old I am...It's only as old as you feel, right? I hear you are scrapping up a storm with the Scraptology girls. You can learn a lot from them! They rock! Congrats on your new hobby.