Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Breathe, Blog, Breathe!!!

I know, I know, my blog is dead. Lifeless. Without humour, antecdote or picture. My dear, sweet husband has been working mega double overtime and it was either let the house go to shambles or let the blog die for a few days. The house won. I know everyone I thought I'd try to breathe a little life into the old girl today while my son eats his lunch. It's almost nap time!!! Which means scrapbooking...I am working on a few things right now but one thing I'm almost done is my niece's first year calendar. She's six. I can hear the snickering...but when I started scrapbooking 3 years ago I started all these projects. Then they sat on a shelf gathering dust. Now that I'm in the intermediate scrapbooking category I am finally finishing all these things I had such great intentions for all those years ago. Slowly but surely I am finishing things. It's a great feeling. I also really want to get in on a couple of the challenges floating around the Scrap In Style website. One is called "One Little Word" and you have to design a layout using the word GO. The other one is called "Andy Warhol Knockoff" and you have to use 9 of the same picture in different colour washes. Should be fun if I can actually get at it before the deadline!

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