Wednesday, May 9, 2007

For Emily

Emily is in surgery right now. Please pray for wisdom for her surgeons, peace for her parents and a calm heart for Emily. Pray for God's love and healing.

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Ralna Nordstrom said...

I hope all goes well, keep us posted. It breaks my heart to hear about little kids suffering through big sicknesses. I'm thankful each day we are healthy.

Liz Rempel said...

I've only met you once at the Spring Fling, and came upon your blog by accident from Julie's blog. I'm not sure if you remember me, my son is in the RCMP in Manitoba. Anyway, I am totally amazed by all your blogs, your creativity, kindness, faith and of course your love of scrapbooking. In my own way I will say a prayer for your friend's little one. Cancer is such an ugly disease, it shouldn't affect anyone, much less little children. Having lost my grandparents, my parents and my husband to this ugly disease, my heart goes out to your friends, they will need incredible strength to get them through the tough times ahead. They are lucky to have such a strong group of friends supporting them.