Friday, May 18, 2007

Sneaky Little Sheister

I live with a con artist. And he's only 2. But he's quicker and possibly smarter than me. Here's why:

I was photographing some layouts for my Scrap In Style portfolio at the kitchen table. My son was just hangin' around watching. Or so I thought. I would take a LO out of my book, line it up, snap the picture, put the camera down (there's my mistake) and turn my attention to another LO (mistake number 2). Here are the pictures I downloaded after, in the order they appeared.

And I didn't know he had done it until I downloaded the pictures. Here is the makings of a criminal mastermind. But I still love him!

1 comment:

scrappaleica said...

Kate, I think these are the BEST pictures ever!!!! you have a little one who wants to be just like mommy! how cute.